Reflection on Psalm 20

Each week our Church Secretary (Bill) speaks about his thoughts on a particular Psalm, and last week it was number 20. Bill reminded us that Jesus echoed this Psalm when he said “ask and it will be given to you”, prompting us to consider God’s boundless love and provision for us (although sometimes we need to learn that God is telling us to wait, or to reconsider our motivations for asking). The psalmist makes it clear in the words “our plans” and “your desire” that what he asks for is in line with God’s will, and that even if he doesn’t get an answer right now he will “keep on calling”.

Bill prompted us to read and reflect on this in our personal prayer time:

answer me when I call out in distress
protect me when I’m under attack;
help me to carry out our plans.

support me when I need help;
accept what I bring to you as an offering;
give me the desire of my heart, your desire;
grant my requests.

you do answer me, you do save me;
I trust in you, my Lord and my God.
So I will stand up and stand firm!
I will keep on calling to you!