Cafe Church: A God of Second Chances

This morning we choose to read the story of Jonah as part of our café church series (the first Sunday of every month at 10.30am). Or, rather, we decided to act it out and illustrate it with some clever hand-made fish. Stretching the theme to its limits, we had a DCBC classic meal – fish-shaped fish and chips.

The focus of the service was that we have a God of second chances. When God first called Jonah to do something difficult, the first thing Jonah did was run away. But Jonah got a second chance to do the right thing – and he needed a third chance at the end of the story too! The sailors Jonah meets on the boat to Tarshish and the people of Ninevah also get a second chance – and as soon as they find out what God wants them to do, they transform their lives and follow him. So this week we are going to think about what God might want us to do with our lives, and how we can take the second (or third, or fourth, or millionth) chance that he is offering us.